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A Bit About Us ...

We’re Richardson, a global sales training company focused on helping you drive revenue and grow long-term relationships. Unlocking revenue for our clients is what we do. Our goal is to transform every buyer experience by empowering sellers with the critical selling skills they need to build trust, demonstrate credibility, and create differentiated value.

Our methodology combines a market-proven sales and coaching curriculum with an active learning approach that ensures your sales teams learn, master, and apply those behaviors where and when it matters most — in front of your customers. In everything we do, we elevate seller performance by connecting our sales expertise to individual potential, transforming your sales organization into indispensable partners for your buyers.

What’s unique about Richardson is that, after three decades, we are still leading our industry because of the quality and customization of our solutions to drive our customers’ success time and again. Our customers’ stories don’t end when they reach their sales goals. For us, success comes when they push beyond the expected, using the skills that we’ve helped them master to transform businesses, lead markets, uncover new opportunities, and strike out in new directions.

Founded in 1978, we are headquartered in Philadelphia and have international offices in the UK, Singapore, Australia, and additional satellite offices around the globe.

  • 100 Senior Training Consultants and Coaches located around the world
  • Programs delivered in 41 countries
  • Programs translated in 22+ languages
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The Results We Deliver


Participants in Richardson’s sales team training see, on average, a 35% increase in knowledge proficiency through the use of our knowledge mastery tool.


Participants in Richardson sales team training see, on average, a 24% improvement in skill proficiency.


Richardson training grows client revenue between 5-12%, on average, depending on the industry.

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It’s Time to Show up Differently In Front of Buyers

The buyer journey has changed dramatically, and successful sellers need to be armed with the latest approaches and thinking in order to connect with their buyers and drive sales success. There is no single competency or skill that drives sales excellence — rather, it is a collection of behaviors and skills across the selling process that need to be honed and mastered.



The Richardson Approach

In our work with the top-performing sales organizations in the world, Richardson has identified and outlined the critical selling capabilities and behaviors most needed to drive results. We have curated a deep and broad sales training program curriculum to help salespeople learn and apply those critical behaviors in the field.

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  • Know the Market

    Know the Market

    Engage in Territory planning. Understand key industry drivers. Know market competitors. Be aware of market dynamics.
  • Target Buyers

    Target Buyers

    Target your addressable market. Know common buyer profiles. Identify key prospects.
  • Prospect Opportunities

    Prospect Opportunities

    Create value to gain prospect interest.
  • Value Proposition

    Value Proposition

    Persuasively position unique value tailored to the customer.


  • Trusted Advisor

    Trusted Advisor

    Collaborate with internal and external resources to become a go-to advisor for your clients.
  • Establish Relationships

    Establish Relationships

    Build rapport and credibility to create and deliver continuous value.
  • Expand Accounts

    Expand Accounts

    Engage in account planning. Capture referrals. Uptiere, cross-sell, upsell, and renew.
  • Leverage Insights

    Leverage Insights

    Reframe client thinking.


  • Plan and Strategize

    Plan and Strategize

    Create effective strategies for penetrating your market and target accounts. Competitive, stakeholder, and value planning.
  • Understand Needs

    Understand Needs

    Uncover customer needs and buying requirements. Convert requirements into insightful recommendations.
  • Drive Consensus

    Drive Consensus

    Engage and drive various stakeholders toward decision to partner with you.
  • Position Value

    Position Value

    Position and differentiate yourself, your solutions, and your organization.
  • Storytelling


    Engage the customer’s emotional drivers through compelling stories.
  • Resolve Objections

    Resolve Objections

    Get to the root cause of the objection and position for resolution.
  • Present Effectively

    Present Effectively

    Prepare and deliver compelling client presentations.
  • Sell with Teams

    Sell with Teams

    Create a shared team strategy and consistent approach for winning opportunities.
  • Negotiate to Close

    Negotiate to Close

    Confidently navigate the negotiation process to produce win-win outcomes.

How We Partner with Customers ...

We don’t believe in “one size fits all.” We customize our content and learning solutions to drive improvement in the selling capabilities that matter most to you and that will most effectively drive the results you seek.

Our commitment to you and your team is a relentless focus on measurable results and long-term impact.

Why We Are Different:

Our clients, from nearly every industry, tell us over and over again that we “get them.” We understand their issues, develop solutions that are fine-tuned to their business environment, and deliver a solution that is professional, personalized, and truly relevant.

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