We DELIGHT our customers with DEEPLY IMMERSIVE and VISUALLY EXPLOSIVE learning experiences and set the pace for the INNOVATIVE USE of learning technology.

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New learning technologies are being introduced at a faster pace while the changing demographic of our workforce presents new challenges for adult learning programs. We have the experts and industry thought leaders to help you sort through the noise and create a plan that fits your vision and, most of all, your budget.

Full-Service ID

eLearning Brothers is highly decorated for the development of a wide range of solutions throughout the learning ecosystem: online, mobile, virtual, classroom, social, games, and much more. Our services include the development of back-end solutions that encompass xAPI, portals, and other emerging technologies. We have the chops to create outstanding results and the capacity to handle your largest needs!

Rapid Development

If you have high volume needs and fast turn-arounds, then we are your extra pair of hands. If you're comfortable creating storyboards but don't know how to use the tools, we are your experts in every authoring tool in the market. If you can use the authoring tools but want to produce truly "explosive" results, then the eLearning Brothers rockstar team of developers is your perfect partner.

Games & Simulations

The expanding ability to implement games in our learning programs has provided us with more sophisticated ways to increase performance. We've been at the forefront of gaming – from micro games embedded in courseware to console-quality games where the learning process is built into the completion of the game – and employ some of the industry’s leading experts. It's not just about having fun; it's a highly effective technique to build capabilities.


Today's learning ecosystem possesses an endless array of solutions to meet your unique needs: from portals, powerful search engines, social learning, gamification and other front-end capabilities to xAPI, learning record stores, and other back-end storage, intelligent, and analytic capabilities.


We've assembled the industry’s foremost experts and thought leaders. We provide education to our customers, conduct research and investigation into new ideas, and bring our clients a solid base of ideas with proven results. When you're ready to push your program into the next era, eLearning Brothers is your best partner to ensure you're doing it right with maximum results at minimum risk.

Examples of Our Solutions

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Over 1 million templates and assets at your disposal.

Gain access to our ever-growing libraries with content created by some of the most talented designers and developers in the industry. Use source files to edit and create courses to fit all your needs.


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Library Subscription Features

Ever-Growing Libraries
Unlimited Downloads
Free Downloads
Exclusive Content
Instant Source Files
Step-by-Step Tutorials

Our New Customizable Courseware!

What is it?

Customizable Courseware is a new groundbreaking training and development product that bridges the time, money, and resource gap between eLearning templates and custom course development. Whether you need instruction online or in the classroom, Customizable Courseware provides you with everything you would expect from an off-the-shelf training program with one additional benefit - you get all of the source files. And we mean ALL of it! Each course is written by a Subject Matter Expert (SME), professionally instructionally designed, and developed to provide interactive learning with an amazing visual design.

Any Way You Train It, That's the Way You Get It

Your organization has unique training needs. Why limit yourself to just an eLearning course or just an instructor-led package when you could have both! This gives you the flexibility to determine how to best deliver your content - online, ILT, or as blended learning. Hold tight; our Customizable Courseware will take you on a training journey unlike any you've ever experienced before!

What Can You Expect Along the Way?

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Each ILT comes with:

  • Facilitator Guide (Microsoft® Word)
  • ILT PowerPoint Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Participant Workbook (Microsoft Word)
  • Published Quiz Files (Adobe® Captivate, Trivantis® Lectora, & Articulate® Storyline)
  • Supplemental Classroom Materials (Microsoft Word)
  • Job Aid (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Getting Started Guide

eLearning Course

Each eLearning Course comes with:

  • Course Project Files (with Built-In Quiz) (Adobe Captivate, Trivantis Lectora, and Articulate Storyline)
  • Published Course Files (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, & xAPI)
  • Graphic Source Files
  • Course Map
  • Job Aid (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Getting Started Guide

Professional Soft Skills Library

Jump start your training with this library of 15 pre-built soft skills courses:

Managing Customers

Communicating Effectively

Coaching Others

Interpersonal Skills

Negotiation Skills

Managing Work

Time Management

Meeting Management

Presentation Skills

Creative Problem Solving

Managing Risk

Business Ethics

Workplace Harassment

Conflict Resolution

Managing Customers

Customer Service

Handling a Difficult Customer

Managing Yourself

Stress Management

Work-Life Balance

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