Since 2004, ej4 has delivered the unexpected in the eLearning industry. We help companies positively impact employee behaviors and business outcomes through our complete learning solution. We apply proven research on training, creative design, and human behavior to create off-the-shelf training videos, an LMS with authoring tool, personalized support, and custom content services.

We are now part of the HSI family with an extensive safety offering. HSI offers training, safety management, and compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our combination of technology and content solutions help safety, human resources and operations leaders train and develop their workforce, keep workers safe and meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements.

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Our Complete Learning Solution

Off-the-Shelf Content

It doesn't take long for training content to go stale. "Off-the-shelf" doesn't necessarily mean old and outdated. ej4 is your source for fresh, current content. Every month we retire, update, or release new microlearning videos. This keeps our off-the-shelf training content relevant, fresh, and appropriate for today's modern learners.

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Custom Content

You need custom training content. That's where ej4's custom eLearning development process comes in. We've created hundreds of custom videos for clients over the years that help communicate everything from product knowledge, selling techniques, culture education, and much more.

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Thinkzoom LMS

Thinkzoom is our modern learning management system that easily lets you track employee use, measure comprehension of material, and create reports quickly and effortlessly. Thinkzoom was created learner-first, mobile-first. Features include competency-based learning tracks, training reinforcement tools, and an award-winning authoring tool. Purchase our off-the-shelf content and get our LMS free!

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