Workforce Enablement

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Workforce Enablement

Employers have a need to ensure their workforce is continuously ready to execute their work assignments effectively and efficiently all day, every day. Successful recruiting is key to that achievement, but employers must also use their Learning, Internal Marketing, Knowledge Management, Policy, and Communications to ensure that readiness. We help them make that happen effectively, efficiently, and with certainty.

Our Offerings

    Targeted Outcomes
Value Proposition Offerings Productivity
  • Improve efficiency and delivery cost structure
  • Maximize workforce performance
  • Drive organizational readiness, workforce performance and upskilling
  • Improve learning supply chain cost and quality
  • Increase effective participant adoption and utilization of HR and benefits programs
  • Increase accessibility to training assets and continuous learning
  • Enhance employee engagement and career growth
  • Enhance employee learning experiences
Employee Communications    
Learning Administration    
Learning Consulting
Content Design & Curation
Supplier Management    
Instructor Management    

Our Learning Operations Enablement


Learning Operations Portal

Conduents Learning Portal is a secure, single point of access to all of Conduents learning platforms. In addition to simplicity of access and navigation the learning portal enables quick access to many features and views which are common throughout the learning platforms.


Learning Administration: CLAS

We deliver the resources to track, manage, and deliver tactical learning support services more accountably and efficiently.
We provide administration and logistics to ensure employees receive instruction in a timely and effective manner.


Resource Management: RMS

We provide expert instructors, trainers, and facilitators to implement your initiatives, as well as logistics coordinators and trained schedulers to make your training program run smoothly and efficiently.


Supplier Management: VMS

By delivering access to best-in-breed suppliers, economies of scale and rigorous quality control, our learning strategic sourcing services move you quickly to optimal levels of return.


Learning Session Planning: LSPS

Learning Session Planning Solution is a Session Forecasting Tool that aids in the planning of learning sessions in order to meet the training/education needs of a company’s employee base. The Session Forecasting Tool shall analyze historical demand and current demand data sources in order to predict the number of learning sessions that are needed to meet demand.

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Our Experience in Learning Services

Achieve your business results by embarking on a unique and connected learning journey where you can engage, connect, and grow a daily habit of personalized, continuous and social learning for all employees. Build a learning ecosystem that delivers informal and formal learning, as well as a blend of curated and created pathway learning opportunities that empower employees and drive results.

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