Meet the modern learning platform

Discover the only enterprise-grade training platform that combines client-specific configurations, actionable intelligence, modern instructional design principles, and online courses into one comprehensive solution that drives revenue for your business.

Personalized learning pathways
Powerful assessment engine
Completely digitized curriculum
Integrated studying capabilities
Action-oriented analytics
Gamification and peer-to-peer learning
Social collaboration tools

Personalized eLearning programs

BenchPrep Ascend™ is a modern and scalable online learning platform for delivering personalized learning experiences.

BenchPrep Ascend increases your operating revenue and reduces expenses by streamlining the way you deliver online courses. By creating a personalized experience that improves knowledge retention, drives better outcomes, and helps learners achieve mastery, BenchPrep Ascend amplifies the value of your learning program in a highly competitive market.

With BenchPrep, you can:

organizations like Richardson, CompTIA, and ACT trust BenchPrep to power their online courses for test prep to help students learn more efficiently and effectively.

Deliver engaging online courses that separate you from the competition
Reduce administrative overhead
Gain insights from robust analytics
Save time managing users and partners
Build revenue with a best-in-class eCommerce experience

“We found that a lot of the legacy learning management systems on the market were not able to provide us flexibility from a product, business, or licensing standpoint. BenchPrep helped change the game for us by bringing a completely new approach to learning program delivery.”

- Tom Reilly, VP of Learning at CompTIA

Microlearning Platform

BenchPrep Engage™ helps you build your business beyond transactional learning with regularly-spaced, microlearning education cycles that combat the forgetting curve.

BenchPrep Engage supplements your existing training offerings, extends the learner relationship, creates continuing education programs, and builds new eLearning revenue streams, all while helping your learners achieve better outcomes.

With BenchPrep Engage, you can:

Increase learner engagement
Improve learner outcomes
Configure your eLearning based on your business needs
Create more consistent revenue

“BenchPrep’s platform allows us to deliver consistent, measurable value to sales organizations. Together we figured out how to deliver learning content to help change the game in training, particularly around blended learning.”

- Chris Tiné, SVP and Chief Product Officer at Richardson

Exceptional Learner Engagement

Most LMS software focuses on the “M”, or management. BenchPrep focuses on the “L”, learning, to deliver an unparalleled eLearning experience that actually improves outcomes. With a personalized, game-based, and fun approach, BenchPrep drives deeper engagement and higher success rates.

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