Performance management conversations are great opportunities for leaders to drive stronger engagement among their employees. We know that employees want maximum personal satisfaction at work. The organization needs them to be making a maximum contribution to organizational goals. Critical to maximum contribution is the ability for leaders to have a strong approach to performance management. Regardless of whether that process is formal or informal, performance management approaches are only as effective as the dialogue that takes place in and around them. And yet, only 56% of respondents in our research on this topic receive regular feedback or performance coaching throughout the year.

Effective organizational performance management systems require:

  • Alignment with your business goals and cultural drivers.
  • Coaching for engagement and performance.
  • Employee ownership and development.

Performance Management Programs:

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Helping Others Succeed
  • Everyday Coaching Conversations
  • Managing Professional Growth
  • Taking Control of Your Engagement

VIDEO: Employee Engagement Survey X Model