Today’s leading companies are migrating disparate HR processes into one integrated enterprise solution—a singular and effective platform that works across all geographies, cost centers, and legal entities to manage its human capital. GP Strategies works with companies to identify, recommend, and implement the right solutions and processes, resulting in an efficient HCM platform with services that work under one “global system of record.”

GP Strategies® maintains an agnostic position regarding specific products and technical solutions. Our team comprises experts who are intimately familiar with the leading platforms.

  • Core HR & Payroll–Streamline the core functions of HR with a unified, global program.
  • HCM, Learning, & Social Technologies–Provide end-to-end services, including selection consulting; installation and configuration, paying special attention to systems integration and interface design development; and data migration.
  • Vendor Management–Implement an integrated web-based application to procure and manage staffing services, both permanent and temporary.
  • Social Collaboration–Support knowledge capture and sharing as well as innovation, and create a sense of community that drives employee engagement, retention, and knowledge transfer.

VIDEO: Shifting the Way Organizations Are Managed